My name is Andres Guzman and I was one of the artists on the big mural behind the catering business on 29th and 13th Avenue.

“This was a mural that a lot of kids were a part of and over two different community centers.

"On the left side you kind of see this dilapidated house and you see huge power force man whose kind of controlling the cops and has the luscious meal in front of him with syringes in it and then eventually you just have chaos of everybody fighting and eventually it just starts to get better. And the whole idea was to show transformation and the evolution of things getting better.

"Just kind of generally, spray paint is not a common media, you know, you don’t really go through kindergarten and first grade learning how to use spray paint. We have a few people who are facilitators and just kind of direct the kids on can techniques everything from pointing the nozzle closer and further away from the wall will give you different kind of lines.

"I mean even as far as the grass goes, all of those lines are super thin lines, so we would teach them how to get close enough to the wall and have a loose enough hand to kind of do all of these strokes and do them thin enough and then you have a bunch of dots in this road. You know the kids have to even learn to do that, because some of the kids’ hands aren’t like strong enough first of all to press the nozzle, so just teaching them how to do that.”
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