“Hi I’m Stephanie Weir. I work for ArtiCulture and you’re looking at the Seward community mural.

"The mural was created by a group of teenagers. The mural itself is supposed to kind of be a reflection of the community.

"On the left side you’ve got the skyline of downtown Minneapolis, which is visible from some parts of Seward. Next to the large tree there’s the Seward Towers and a lot of the kinds who participated in the mural, actually live in the two towers represented there.

"The individuals in the murals are based on the kids that participated on the project and so some of those characters look like them or are reflections of their style. Other ones are characters that they were just drawn to, that were people that they saw in the neighborhood but the idea was that the characters in the mural were people that you would actually see living in this neighborhood.

"One of the girls that participated in the mural is a violinist. She’s kind of standing under a light post playing her violin. So these are actual notes and it’s the first line of a song and the song in the sky is called 'La Folia.'

"So within the mural there are all kinds of hidden images that you can discover. Can you find a blue anglerfish? Do you see the hidden robot, where is it? Can you spot something prehistoric? Can you find the UFO?”
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