“Hi there my name is Elise Kylo and I’m a neighborhood resident and artist and you’re looking at the Hafiz Moon Mural.

"So I did this mural on the corner because of graffiti, constant graffiti that as being painted over by volunteers in the neighborhood. I just thought, “We gotta do something,” so together we painted the mural.

"This was a mural that didn’t have a plan besides I wanted people to paint their imaginary idea of night creatures. So about 40 people came to the mural, I gave them chalk to experiment on the sidewalk to see what they wanted to do and then encouraged them to go to the wall and just paint whatever they imagined.

"My favorite parts of it are just remembering the kids who painted the green blobs with eyes or the person that climbed up on a ladder that wanted to paint a spider up in the corner, just sort of, for me a lot of it’s a memory of who was here and painting.

"This poem by Hafiz is, ‘One day the sun admitted I am just a shadow. I wish I could show you the infinite incandescence that has cast my brilliant image, I wish I could show you when you’re a lonely O in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.’ I feel like we live in a time of darkness. But I do believe people are good and we help each other and there’s this lightness about that we all have within.

"Kitty-corner from this, you’ll see the Sun Mural also with a poem by Hafiz.”
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