“Hi my name is Elise Kylo and I live in the Powderhorn neighborhood and you are now looking at a Hafiz Sun Mural.

"This was the first mural I had ever painted and it was in response to this corner being just bad energy, it was graffiti and I got really tired of looking at it. I had never painted a mural before so I knew I needed help. And so I just invited anybody and put signs up for a week ahead of time and they said, “Please come this weekend and help us paint. And we had about 40 kids and adults coming out for two days. Some people stayed for 10 minutes and some people stayed for hours and hours. Yeah it was really, really fun it was like a mural party.

"I wanted to paint a poem by Hafiz. Hafiz is a Persian poet. He wrote in the 1300s. He was from Persia, which is now Iran. He’s just simple in what he says and it’s beautiful and romantic.

"I think that maybe what pops out is that a lot of people painted it. There’s scribbles down below that are some young child’s flowers, then there’s more detailed flowers and the bees, which were prints actually, so they look alike but they were done by a lot of different people.

"I’m a fan of honeybees, and they are a great model for a working community. They work in collaboration, they’re not individuals and they create this beautiful sweetness from flowers.

"If you turn around from the Sun Mural, behind you on the corner of 34
th and Cedar, you’ll see another mural that’s called the Moon Mural, also with a poem by Hafiz.”
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