“My name is Elise Kylo, I’m the community organizer and artist that helped make this happen.

"This mural was painted beside a convenient store right next to a high school. There was gang graffiti conversation all the time. So we wanted to paint the fence and I chose a story that’s really beautifully illustrated by Iranian artist Mandana Sadat.

"I contacted her and she was excited for us to use her designs. So I just showed kids and all the volunteers the book and said let’s do this together and so we created the mural.

"So starting by the door of the convenient store there is a sheep on a mountaintop and he’s alone or she’s alone and she’s planting these seeds in the Earth and they’re this beautiful kind of Middle Eastern designs seeds. And so she’s traveling through the countryside planting the seeds and as you go around the corner of the fence, you’ll see the seeds are born into wild creatures.

"There’s tigers and horses and antelopes and crazy birds and fish, a black cheetah.  These are were all drawn by kids and adults of all ages and it’s kind of fun because you can’t tell which ones are adults and which ones are kids, because when you paint a mural there’s this free feeling. It just sort of opens people up to being creative, I think.”
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