“Hi I’m Joan Vanhala. We’re standing and looking at the mural called, ‘How Our Cultures Nurture Their Children.’ The mural starts on the corner of the building and wraps around to the Hennepin County WIC Program entrance.

"This program was created by a group of youths from the Philips neighborhood and my daughter was one of them, so I’m always happy to brag about my daughter because I love her so much. It reflects a multicultural fabric of our community: European-American, African-American, American Indian, Southeast Asian, Latino.

"During this time when they were painting this mural it was early 1990s, this neighborhood was a very rough place for young people to grow up into. In fact when they were painting this mural, there was a drive-by shooting right down the block.

"Of course, our neighborhood has gotten a lot better since then. This woman holding the baby by the door of the WIC Program main entrance is part of the mural my daughter did and so I love to see that baby reaching its hands. I think of my daughter when I see that and her reaching for her own creative life. I’d like to give that baby a high-five whenever I walk by.”
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